From two of my most favouritest twitter personality, I got two compliments. As someone who has enough self-doubts and a tendency to go hard on myself, this was surely quite a pleasant surprise.I could try and be profound about it but at 6.30am and this state of delirium, all i know is that these are some of the kindest, nicest words ever said about me. Right or wrong, thats besides the point.

Thank you, two of you 🙂 It truly, truly means the world to me.

Person 1) “you are a case of still water running deep”

Person 2) “… Yours isn’t to be a polymath, you’re the socio-cultural anthropologist amongst us. You have this superhuman ability to step back and SEE the big picture
and analyze it right down to the bone. There aren’t many people with that level of depth and attention to detail AND a broad vision. It is the rarest thing i have ever come across. Much more so than being a polymath. Don’t think i haven’t been paying attention. It’s ridiculous how you do it. Being able to look at things from every side possible. social, cultural, economic, psychological, political and then put it all together in one neatly wrapped box for the rest of us. Believe me when I say this, every single one of those polymaths you so desperately look up to, they either already envy you this ability, or will when they realize it.

You see people beyond just what they say, and beyond what happened in their lives. You really figure them out down to their very essence. It’s an insanely important trait. much much more than having a bizarre memory problem, let me tell you. You’re more human than the rest of us, and it’s glorious.”