Thursday, August 20, 2009
By Abid Hussain


The city of Karachi is home to some of the most delightfully delicious offering by various eateries operating in the city since past 50 years or so. From the famous Javed Nihari to the wonderful Waheed Kabab House on Burnes Road, choices are aplenty for those who want to indulge in some food that satiates the soul.

However, Kaiser Restaurant – operating for more than five decades at the corner of Light House signal – could possibly be the jewel in the crown among all the restaurants in Karachi. This claim might sound audacious, over-the-top even, considering the kind of competition available in the city, but rest assured anybody visiting the place once will come out promising to return again at earliest.

This is the kind of quality that has been maintained by the entrepreneurs and their team of chefs, which has ensured that this highly underrated, mostly unknown restaurant retain its aura among the loyal customers.

Hands downs, the best mutton leg in all of Karachi is served at this place. The tender yet juicy meat, which is perfectly bar-be-queued [B1]with just the right amount of spice, makes for quite literally a one-dish show which steals the thunder from all the other dishes on offer.

‘Seekh Kababs’ are served piping hot and are of perfect size and texture and taste equally good. ‘Brain Masala’ might gross out quite a few people but for the connoisseurs, it is a divine treat with specialised in-house spices used to cook this delicacy.

For the cholesterol conscious, the restaurant offers variety of chicken and sea-food dishes such as ‘Chicken Tikka’, ‘Chicken Ginger’, ‘Prawn Masala’ and various others. Different kinds of ‘Rotis’, such as Kandahari Naan and ‘Roghni Naan’, only help in accentuating the taste of the main course. For those with sweet-tooth, the restaurant offers the good old ‘Kulfi’.

Comparatively, the prices are slightly lower than the competition as well as the quantity served per dish is more or less adequate for the customers.

Kaiser Restaurant has managed to ensure that the quality of service and food remains of the highest standard, without compromising on aesthetics and interior of the restaurant. Nothing fancy, but an elegantly done family hall upstairs and a wide sitting area for gents on the ground floor provides ample space for customers to visit and gorge on some fantastic local specialties, knowing full well that their money spent will be well worth.


God's gift to mankind

God's gift to mankind