Noori @ Royal Rodale


OH. MY. GOD ! 

What a night. what a crowd. what a band. what a show !!!!

I have been trying to reign in my over-the-top excitement and the overflowing adernaline since i came home last night, i have failed. Simply because, noori performed a show which could easily rank as among the best live show they have done in their entire career. The set list, the crowd, the sound, and the overall band performance was nearly spot on, making it a most perfect concert. 

The show itself was quite a surprise, considering i was messaged only at 1pm by Hamza asking me to “attend and shoot our gig tonight at 9, hot poondi  there”. Quite clearly, he made me an offer i couldnt possibly refuse 😛 

The venue was Royal Rodale, the show was organised by some students of AKU medical college, just one particular batch, with apparently NO sponsors ! Once i got there, it turned out the audience – students of AKU – hadnt reached there as yet. That time was killed by watching Shoaib Akhtar delivering a quite lethal spell of fast bowling, though which didnt fetch him any wickets. 

Anyhow, around 10ish reached the Royal Rodaly audiotrium where the students finally started coming in. Apparently there was some dinner or something due to which the students were quite dressed up and what not. Although i disagree with the poondi factor as there were hardly half a dozen girls who i really liked, but those 6 girls truly kicked some ass 😛 [Hamza may or may not disagree with the count] 

This was the first noori show i was attending after the last one at hotel ramada in november 2008,  and i was really looking forward to how noori will deal with the smallish venue and a very small crowd, with just 50 odd people. I though wonder whats up with noori, small crowds and violence ! even the last concert at Ramada, very few people came because of violence in the city and last night too there was some chaos in city.

Kher, as usual, noori fiddled with their lineup with their former durmmer Salman Albert making a return,  lead guitarist Aamir [ who hamza thinks is like Stewie from family guy ] and a DJ whos name i dont remember. 

The show started off with noor singing a karoeke version of manwa re to a student who got engaged a day before,  the band just suddenly shifted gears and opened up with a mighty version of Tum Hans Diye followed by their classic numbers. The set list goes something like this.

  1. Manwa Re [Kareoke]
  2. Tum Hans Diye
  3. Neend Aye na
  4. Ooncha
  5. Do Dil
  6. Kuttay
  7. Nishaan
  8. Mere Log
  9. With or Without You
  10. Ghazab ka hai Din / Twist and Shout
  11. Yeh Jawani Yeh Deewani
  12. Suno Ke Mein Hoon Jawan
  13. Manwa Re [full version
  14. Gana no. 1
  15. Dil ki Qasam

P.s: i think they followed this order, with maybe a few songs agay peechay. 

Now then, as for the performance itself  ….. i dont think i `ll be able to do justice, besides my partiality is too strong which will not allow me to do an objective review. Nor do i really intend to do a review here. This time, i attended this concert primarily to ENJOY the noori experience and let loose and yell out, sing with the band as loud as i could. And i sure did that. With an intimate venue such as this, one can always expect the performers to link up more with the audience and when you have Noori, possibly the most entertaining of live acts in the country, this was meant to be a fiery affair. The boys head banged, the girls swayed and swung to the music, and the band unleashed a performance which was absolutely magnificent ! 

I never ever thought that i`d attend a concert where the performance of  ‘With or Without You’ will be overshadowed by somethign else but last night – the impossible happened. Noori’s version of Ghazab ka hai din has always had quite a following but the surprise they pulled out last night was by closing that lovely bollywood song by adding a snippet of Twist & Shout, the beatle classic which i first saw on the movie Ferris Bueller’s day out. My lord, but that performance BLEW MY BREATH AWAY !!! I dont have words to explain how i felt when the band deliverd the most lethal combination of songs, starting off with Mere Log and finishing with Twist and Shout. 

That particular phase, for me, was the TRUE highlight of the show. The brothers were clearly enjoying the performance and with light banter going on between Hamza, who was evoking alot of gay love for the boys of AKU, and the audience. Thankfully, Noor didnt butcher ‘with or without you’ despite all my apprehensions and eventually, pulled off a fantastic version which had the crowd crooning for more, and left me almost in tears and with goosebumps ! :D. Priceless moment ! cant thank the guys enough for that ! 

The gig was concluded with a superlative performance of Dil Ki Qasam, one song which i am not too big a fan of, that was started off in a semi acoustic mode with slightly altered music, but later climaxed with a powerful rock version which literally brought the roof down.