Altaf and his love for the 2nd best mayor

Altaf and his love for the '2nd best mayor'

Disclaimer: Before i begin, i must clarify here that as much as i HATE MQM, their ideology, their methodology, and probably anything and everything related to them – I really admire Mustafa Kamal (MK) for all that he has done for the city, as much as he can. More later in the post itself.


Okay – now for the past 2 days ever since the ‘most reliable newspaper in pakistan, Daily Dawn‘ ran the story about Mustafa Kamal declared as the 2nd best mayor in the world – it honestly brought this sense of joy and pride. Simply for the fact that all this while, Karachi has been renowned more for being a terrorist’s den and apparently among the most dangerous cities on the face of this world. Reading something as uplifting as that, it was mighty cool. 

And then, the next morning when i head out for university & work – i kid u not, literally the ENTIRE CITY, from north nazimabad to gulshan to sharae faisal to korangi to punjab chowrangi to pidc to I I Chundrigar, EVERYWHERE there were huge white banners congratulating ALTAF BHAI and his chosen Mayor Mustafa Kamal for being the 2nd best Mayor. 

Now you see, as i mentioned in the disclaimer, i like MK. I really do. For all the problems that i have with his party, this man has single handedly done ALOT to continue the good work started by Naimatullah at the turn of the millenium for Karachi.  The problem starts when every damn thing has to be politicised and is related with the Bastard living in London. Now, that man is the single most despicable creature on this planet. I dont even want to call him a man, for he is an insult. 

So basically, the point is – MQM really likes to shoot themselves in foot. The biggest problem i have with, say, America, India, England is that the media assisted propaganda they indulge into. Very simple example being sports where it appears as if rest of the world is worthless whereas they are the demi-gods. All of these three countries are culprit of utilising media in such a manipulative manner that all else seems just insignificant. Ironically, this also shows the amount of control they possess over the communication medium. 

Back in Karachi, MQM holds that power. They have this manipulative control over mediums, through bullying and/or otherwise. You`ll see banners of Altaf Bastard sprouted all over the city. Every new development in the city is associated to the blessing of this hideous man.  And in incidents like these – this shameless, factually incorrect propaganda – is when they are brought down to earth. 

I mean, the news itself is worthy enough. Karachi was appreciated, MK was acknowledged for his good deeds. Why make this sort of hoopla that was made out all over the city. 

This friend of mine thinks that it is government’s ploy perhaps to trick MQM and MK into quitting the local body system and go back to commissionerate system. Now i just want to say here is that all of this mess is simply down to MQM’s own short sightedness and hyper behaviour. Only if their media cell would have been more careful in reading or comprehending the subject matter, this wouldnt have happened. Geo tv, since i work for a sister organisation and i know this first hand, is not necessarily anti-MQM as your purport them to be. I wish they were, but they arent really. The whole organisation is swarmped by people who `d probably die in the name of party. 

It COULD have been GREAT publicity for MQM, and for city, but only for the dumb media cell that they have – this really golden opportunity to bring some much needed good name to Karachi has been lost.  Pity, i tell u.

All in the name of politics and for stoking ego of one bastard. A Shame, really.