I have had this window opened for a long while yet i was unable to type a single word. I was trying to comprehend the song for which i am making this entry. The song, which i heard way back in `92 and fell in love with. A song which i heard again in 2000 and fell in love, only harder.

And as things stand, i heard this song again – in 2008 – and i realised that the circle has completed. This song is complete in every which way. The song, of all the Pakistani music that i have heard in my life which spans quarter of a century, this song is, in absolute terms, the single most beautiful track. EVER. This song, is to me what ‘with or without you’ is… almost. I find it quite surprising that i eventually reached this conclusion after almost 16 years of hearing this song on and off again. This song is uncomparable, unparalleld, this song is absolute ecstasy.

There are songs which bring out the brooding self in you. There are songs which you want to listen while closing your self down from the world and let their haunting melody take over you. The kind of music, whos composition weaves an intricate magic which creates this soundscape, this dynamic sonic atmosphere where you attain a state of vertigo. You realise, you`re dizzy, flying high, in a world of your own where you might be lost, but that seems like the perfect sensation.

One may ask ‘Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar’ came out ages ago. Why do I all of a sudden wake up and proclaim this song is the GREATEST EVER SONG IN PAKISTAN POP. The reason is simple. Of all the description that i gave in the paragraph preceding to this one, was in actuality, meant to focus on the particular version of this already legendary song. Thus, in my mind, the leap of faith i experienced was down to the genius of one man. Rohail Hyatt.

I already considered SKYP as among the most beautiful songs ever, but the treatment this song got at Coke Studio recording simply blew my mind. The version performed there, i assure you, does justice to this song like no other.

The sonic structure, the dhol, the bass, the whole rhtyhm section, the eerie smoothness, yet synchronized guitar work. They all merge in such a fascinating manner, its fusion at its finest. It has this surreal, serenity around the music which brings the listener along with it to a journey towards unknown.

There are alot of songs that has this magical quality where they take me in another world. Where its just me, and the music. With or Without You, So Cruel, Lightning Crashes spring into my mind as examples. Yet, they all have a different flavour to what SKYP has. The fact its in Urdu, the fact that simplicity of the lyrics is quite  remarkable. The fact that this song STILL retains its charm exactly since the very beginning. I confess that i am obsessed about this version.

The title of this post pleads about not taking away the contentment from one’s life. For me, this song(post coke-studio treatment) provided the contentment to my life. Undoubtedly.

Khusboo Teri, Mujhe jo Choo Jaati Hai
Mere Mann mein Kaisey, yeh Deep Jala Jaati Hai
Khusboo Teri, Mujhe jo Choo Jaati Hai
Mere Mann mein Kaisey, yeh Deep Jala Jaati Hai

Mere Yaar aisay na looto mere Mann ka Qarar,
Mere Yaar aisay na looto mere Mann ka Qarar,    WOohhwww ..
Ho gaya hai tum say Piyar …..
Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar – By Strings