The way our politicians are cashing on the name of the slain leader, its becoming absolutely ridiculous, and just SAD ! I mean, REALLY – what the hail is wrong with all of them ? tomorrow the road i drive on becomes Bhutto road ? Larkana renamed as Benazir-ana ? Karachi’s tag of city of light turned to City of Benazir ? and the list would just go on !

Point being – Islamabad airport allegedly being renamed, Murree Road being renamed, Gadap town being renamed, Hospital being renamed – GODDAMMIT, WHY NOT RENAME THE ENTIRE COUNTRY ?!?!?!

Oh yeah, and the most remarkable news remains this information that Benazir’s birth place which for the longest time was Holy Family Hospital, is suddenly demoted from that status and the new revelation ( by God knows who ) says that Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was born in Dr Pinto Compound, Soldier Bazar – Karachi. Now then, this is becoming a joke now. Benazir was alive for 54 years. Apparently, the old site has now been demolished and a new Plaza stands there, hence the ‘revelation’ to conveniently change the birthplace.

I dont know why she never found it important enough herself to correct this ‘significant’ piece of information, nor did she ever went on to rename the country itself on her father’s name despite being in power twice. Maybe she was busy buying jewellery from Harrods or piling up the deposits in Geneva, atleast she didnt nauseate all of us with what her party members, particularly the asskissing PM and other goons.

God save us from this diarrohea of Benazir worshipping – because really IT DOES NOT MATTER AN IOTA where the hail was she born nor any overnight changes will occur if you change the name of just about every landmark here.

Blah. now wheres my atta !