Failure to Sustain. Failure to Compete. Failure to Achieve. Failure to Succeed.Failure to Dream. Failure to move on. Failure to IDGAF when you most want to.

When all your life, despite making wrong choices, fighting fate, surviving through bad luck – yet mostly still coming out on top makes you feel like invincible, of sorts – i guess that is when failure hits you, and if you are me – then it hits you three times. in One go. Three killer blows. Three. Killer. Blows.

1.2.3: Bam !

Man, that hurts. seriously, it hurts. Cant decide which one is worse. Cant express which one burns me more.


Wish i could IDGAF, i wish i could. But then, i wouldnt be what i am if i could IDGAF any of these failures. But above all, You, only if had YOU to show for my ONE success out of all this mess i am in right now.

God, have mercy. Amen.