Moon Series Contd.

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Aziz Miyan Qawwal sang in his famous qawwali ‘Bewafa Youn Tera Muskurana’

Chandni Raat / Darya mein Safeena / Hath mein Meena / Sath Haseena
Bhool Janay kay Qaabil Nahin hai …

I went to hawksbay on 3rd of April to spend my evening there – first time i went to a beach after a while and man, it was fantastic ! Made this trip particularly to use it as an opportunity to take a few pictures of sunset. Cloud cover was a bit iffy and such that i didnt really get a good sunset view nor the horizon gave up beautiful colors like it often does , but comes Chanda Mama as a saviour and what a splendid look it gave to the whole sky ! it was Chaudvien (14) ka chaand (moon) and i SO knew why urdu poetry is so full of references to the moon and all the appreciative dialogue about Moon and love and emotions. It was one of the finest sight i have seen and i am so glad i managed to capture them. Thank God for that.