Now now …. where are those idiot, biased, blind South African commentators when they saw their team thrashed by Pakistan royally yesterday at Durban. I want to shove Smith’s boast back to his throat that durban is scary for south asian teams. TAKE THAT – loser !

Now … there was a time when i used to follow South African cricket really seriously and was a big fan circa 1996-2000 which was reign of woolmer/cronje/rhodes/donald but ever since their departure – things havent been same. South Africans have become brasher, arrogant and well basically , out of reality. If any of you would have followed the tour of pakistan to SA this time round, they would have noticed the EXTREMELY biased commentary which hardly gave any respect or credit to Pakistan for playing well and doing so well in comparison to their previous tours to the land of springboks. Over the three test matches, robin jackman in particular, and rest generally had a most one-sided view of the story to tell. I cannot emphasize enough about the fact ever since i ve been watching cricket on telly and been able to understand nuances of the game and the expert commentary, THIS HAD TO BE THE WORST COMMENTARY PANEL employed anywhere in the world. Even englishmen dont stoop to this level of partiality and bias. Robin jackman deserves to be booted out ! Along with Super Sports studio panel as well !

Anyhoo … enough with that , Pakistan came strongly back after the mauling in first match and guess who was the architect of the victory , IMRAN NAZIR !!! that guy just made me SO happy with his sumptous stroke play, exuberance, timing and the stand out hit – that wristy six he flicked off Ntini. A sight to behold ! Yo-Yo played as well as they ever do and have been doing since past 15 months or so and lastly … MY MAN AFRIDI. Yet again he gave me a chance to brag about my persistence with this explosive patahan to be included in team for he is a MOST valuable player and will be a priceless asset in the worldcup. He needed just a game or two to regain his confidence, his rhthym and enjoyment out of the game and the world saw what he can do. I ve said it before, i ll say it again – call me a heretic or whatever – but Afridi is the SINGLE MOST TALENTED PLAYER in International cricket right now. His Batting, Bowling, Fielding, demeanor – the overall package makes him the MOST valuable player in our lineup and singularly on cricketing skills – if afridi could get even 25-35% of Muhammed Yousuf’s temperament – you dont want to imagine the demolishing he will unleash on bowlers around the world. He has got such immense amount of power and clean hitting abilities, if he can be JUST a bit more judicious in his game plan and consistent, he can be better than Gilchrist/sehwag/pietersen/symonds/boucher/jayasuria/hussey/flintoff/yuvraj/dhoni – COMBINED ! Yes, combine all of them and afridi can still come out as a bigger, better belter of the ball and screw them 5 times over with his devastating skills.

Muhammed Asif is growing in stature after every match and yesterday Barry richards said on air “that Asif can easily be a 400 wicket bowler with the talent and skills he possess”. For me, he is pakistan’s man of the series BY A DISTANCE ! Now .. all said and done after brushing aside South Africa mercilessly in the 2nd one day, we MUST keep the accelerator down and since we ll be playing at PE where the last time pakistan played against SA, we posted 335-5 back in 2003 series. Hopefully, something similar will take place for Pakistan and lead us to victory. Amen.